Welcome to Our New Blog!

Welcome to the Official blog of Etna Tile & Stone!

This blog will be a way to chronicle current & ongoing projects and discuss some of the frequent issues and questions that come up while working on home renovations. I also intend to discuss tile design, how to find the right contractor, and other hot topics in the world of renovations.

For now, as an introduction, I would like to share the history of how Etna Tile & Stone came to be.

Tony's Painting & Decorating

Etna Ceramic tile was established in 1978 by my father Antonio Patane’. He brought my mother, brothers and sister from Catania, Sicily, (the island off the coast of Italy) in 1969 and settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

He quickly realized after starting “Tony’s Painting and Decorating” that there was a much higher demand for ceramic tile installers and began to specialize in the art form of tile-setting.

After the family braved several harsh prairie winters, they decided it was time to move to Vancouver in 1977. He started a new company called Etna Ceramic Tile, named after Mount Etna: the tallest active volcano in Europe, also located in Catania, Sicily. It is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and is in an almost constant state of activity. It was an appropriate choice of names to say the least!

Mount Etna in Catania

He thought it was very important for people to know that we are Italian. After all, the best and most famous tile and stone work has been laid by Italians for centuries…It’s in our blood.

I was born and raised here in Vancouver, working along side my father from an early age. I went to work with my dad and learned the trade the “old school” way. “You godda do da job-a right, oh no do da job ad all” was the mantra that has been drilled into my head since day one.

Working Alongside My Dad

His experience working with general contractors and homeowners seeking unique and custom home improvement has presented him with the opportunity to work on some of the most challenging tile and stone projects in the Greater Vancouver area…. There I was at the tender age of 9, the ‘tool boy’.

“Hey, wake up! Go anna geda the cazzola from a da van” is what I remember the most.

-Tonino Patane’

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