“Shaughnessy Golf Course” Tile Job

When I was hired by the Shaughnessy Golf Course to create a dramatic fireplace feature for their lounge, I was thrilled at the challenge. I took photos throughout the process to show the work that actually went into the finished product.

The classic "before" photo

They liked the shape of the fireplace, but it definitely needed some updating. We decided on a custom staggered ledgestone look, to cover the entire wall from floor to ceiling.

Our chosen material

Because we couldn’t find a mesh-mounted tile that was suitable for the look we wanted, we purchased tile that came in separate pieces, as seen above. This meant that I would be piecing together the final design, which actually gave me greater control over the finished product.

Starting from the middle and working around and out

I started the project by framing in the fireplace and expanding from there. That way, the focal point (the fireplace) wasn’t subjected to any awkward cuts or lines. Instead, the tile perfectly lines up all the way around the fireplace itself.

To make the tile look like it wrapped around the fireplace, I used the same pieces I cut from to wrap around the sides. This makes the fireplace look like one solid unit.

Halfway through the job

The alcove above the fireplace was set for the television to be mounted, so we wired the electrical for an easy TV install after the tile was completed.

Laying out tile prior to install

Every section had to be designed and laid out on the ground prior to installation to make sure that the tiles had a natural pattern and the pieces fit together nicely and cohesively.

The finished fireplace

The finished product. The attention to detail in the patterning of the tile paid off; the finished fireplace looks like one solid unit and pays tribute to the rustic charm of the Vancouver terrain.

If you like the look of a fireplace focal point, and need help with your installation, feel free to give me a call at 778-322-ETNA (3862) or email me at info@etnatileandstone.com for a free consultation!

-Tonino Patane’

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