Busy Tile Done Right

I generally have the mantra that a very busy tile should be used in small doses for maximum impact. Likewise, if you have a large space that you’re tiling, then you generally want to opt for a larger-sized tile to keep it from being overwhelming.

However, I came across the following photo which I believe might shoot my theory in the foot:

Source: Atmosphere Interior Design Inc. via Houzz.com

This is an extremely busy tile, but it doesn’t look like “too much” in this space.

Why not?

Let’s break it down:

1) Neutral tile color. This tile is really just composed of several neutrals. If there had been a color thrown into the mix, this space definitely wouldn’t have worked like it does here.

2) Monochromatic room. Because the designer chose to keep the room relatively monochromatic (save for the dark cabinetry of the floating island and the interior shelving surrounding the stove), this room really just acts like a blank canvas and allows for much more backsplash freedom.

So if you’re considering installing a tile like the one pictured above, these are just a couple of things to keep in mind.

-Tonino Patane’

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