Textured Tile…Do or Don’t?

via Houzz.com

I came across this photograph today and it brought me back to a question I frequently find clients asking me: Is textured tile a good idea?

The answer, in short, is “it depends.” Of course.

Textured tile makes a really great statement in any room as it brings another dimension into play and automatically creates a focal point. The question is, does the space you’re looking at tiling require a focal point?

For instance, using it in a bathroom might not have the greatest effect, as opposed to using it as a fireplace tile as I’ve shown.

J. Weiss Design via Houzz.com

The other consideration is the cleaning…all of those grooves and dips are magnets for dust. Are you prepared to keep it clean? This is especially true if you’re considering a textured tile for a kitchen backsplash. While it will absolutely look stunning, the additional cleaning isn’t always worth it for clients.

This is why you most frequently see it installed in low-use areas like fireplace features or small feature walls.

Venegas and Company via Houzz.com

In commercial applications, it is a great idea. It adds an extra “oomph” that a coat of paint just can’t.

I’ve seen it used to great effect in restaurants, offices, and product showrooms. It’s always the “wow” factor in the space in which it’s installed.

Paul Anater via Houzz.com

So when you’re considering textured tile for your project, just ask yourself if you’re looking for a tile that will steal the show, and if you can deal with a little extra dusting. If the answer to both of those considerations is yes, it’s probably a safe choice for you.

And if you need help installing it, you know who to call!

-Tonino Patane’

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